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Welcome to my playground of personal projects. This is where I roll up my sleeves, get a little messy, and let my imagination take the lead. From whimsical mermaids to tactile sculptures, every project here is a piece of my heart and a glimpse into my artistic journey.
During the challenging times of COVID, I embarked on the Mermay journey, a test of consistency and creativity.

From all that anxiety all day, new mermaid sprang to life, each showcasing a unique design and imaginative concept. Inspired by numerous artists participating in the challenge and following
Tom Bancroft's prompts, I explored various styles using ProCreate.
I'm incredibly proud to have completed this challenge.

For those interested in diving deeper, offers tutorials, tips, and annual prompts.
In 2022, I thought, 'Why not jump on the Inktober trend but with a twist?' So, I took on this fun project of turning my favorite binge-watches into book covers. It was like telling the same story but with a new voice.

I played around with typography, splashed around with color palettes, and gave these movies and series a fresh look.

Procreate to bring my ideas to life had its moments, but man, was it worth it! And hey, maybe this could be my gateway into the world of book cover design. Fingers crossed
Ever thought a juice cleanse could be a rollercoaster of emotions and fun?
Well, it was for me!

As I embarked on this refreshing journey, I found myself inspired to capture the silly, unexpected, and downright adorable moments in the form of comics. Each illustration is a snapshot of my day-to-day experiences, bringing to life the humor and charm of what might seem like a mundane activity.

Whether you've been on a cleanse or not, these comics are sure to tickle your funny bone and maybe even inspire your own creative take on daily adventures!
Step into a playful realm of creativity with 'Objects in Art,'
a delightful project I undertook back in 2016 during the intense times of college exams.

This collection holds a special place in my artistic journey
- it was my sanctuary of silliness and creativity. When the academic pressure was at its peak, I turned to everyday objects, giving them a whimsical artistic twist. I found joy in the simple act of crafting art from the ordinary, photographing these quirky creations and sharing them with the world.

'Objects in Art' is a memory of my younger, carefree self and an aspiration to let the whimsy loose once more in the future. 
It's a playful reminder that inspiration can strike even in the most unexpected moments