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Crack the Notion Essentials Exam: My Proven Strategy!

From Research to Results: How I Mastered Notion's Toughest Test

Ever wondered how to ace the Notion Essentials exam? I did too! And after weeks of dedicated research and studies, I cracked the code. Here's my journey and how you can replicate my success.

Badge received from Passing the Exam

Before the Exam

1. Research & Networking: Before diving into the study material, I scoured Twitter and Reddit for insights. I connected with individuals who had already passed the exam and sought their advice. Their experiences provided me with invaluable insights that links couldn't offer.

2. Creating a Notion Template: To streamline my studies, I created a Notion template. This became my go-to space for quick references, notes, and resources. It was instrumental in helping me organize my thoughts and study material.

3. Study Strategy: I dedicated a good two weeks to prepare. I meticulously went through the material, skimmed through most articles, and revisited crucial topics like links from the Viget blog, pricing plans, databases, shortcuts, and more. While I was apprehensive about formulas and APIs, fortunately, they didn't make an appearance in my exam.

4. Main Steps:

  • Create an Application

  • Wait for the link and deadline for the exam

  • Research in the mean time

  • Prepare for the same

  • Set a date and time of your convenience

  • Keep a book and pen handy. Focus and Ace it.

During the Exam

1. Time Management: The initial questions took me longer than expected. However, thanks to the timer, I paced myself and raced through the subsequent questions.

2. Situation-Based Questions: Most questions were scenario-driven, like:

"If Sarah creates databases for her team and comments on the database with Jill and Robin being a member and a guest respectively, who receives the notification?" These questions required a deep understanding of Notion's functionalities and often made me scratch my head.

Practice notes while studying

My Experience

Despite using Notion for over two years and thorough preparation, the exam was challenging. Topics like links, permissions, and databases, which seemed easy, had intricate, situation-based questions. It's essential to understand the nuances and not just skim through the material. I also learnt quite a bit about Notion and it's extensive features.

Watch my Video for more Insight - Crack Notion Essentials Video

Tips for Aspiring Notion Ninjas

  1. Deep Dive: Don't just skim through topics. Dive deep, especially into seemingly easy ones.

  2. Practice with Scenarios: Try to create real-life scenarios and test your knowledge.

  3. Use My Notion Template: I've compiled all the resources, blogs, and study tasks that helped me succeed. It's a comprehensive guide to help you ace the exam.

  4. Be Ready: Application takes a while, studying and researching will also consume time, once you receive the link for the exam, go all in and prepare, set the time and date suitable for you to give the exam and be focused during those 90 minutes.

  5. It's not Easy: But don't stress out. Prepare and DO YOUR BEST.

The Notion Essentials exam is not just about rote learning; it's about understanding and applying. I passed on my first attempt, and with the right strategy, you can too!

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