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10 Unique Health & Wellness Journeys for Couples in 2024

Embark on a Journey of Shared Skincare, Mindful Retreats, and Soulful Wellness Adventures Together

2024 beckons couples to explore unique wellness paths together, transcending traditional health routines. Here are some innovative ways to nurture both your relationship and wellbeing, with the Couple's Planner as your guide.

1. Shared Skincare Routine

Experience: Begin a joint skincare routine. It's a nurturing way to care for each other and share daily moments.

Planner Use: Schedule weekly skincare nights, track product replenishments, and note changes in your skin health.

2. Plan Supplements and Medical Check-Ups

Experience: Coordinate your vitamin regimens and annual medical check-ups. It's about staying healthy together.

Planner Use: Use the planner to schedule doctor appointments and track your supplement intake.

3. Podcast Learning: Mental Wellness

Experience: Listen to podcasts like Huberman Lab together. Discuss and apply insights on mental health and neuroscience.

Planner Use: Plan regular listening sessions and use the notes section for key takeaways and action items.

4. Focus on Gut Health and Healthy Eating

Experience: Embark on a journey towards gut health with a shared diet plan focusing on nutritious, wholesome foods.

Planner Use: Plan your weekly meals, grocery lists, and note down recipes that promote gut health.

5. Workout Together Towards Personal Goals

Experience: Whether it’s running, yoga, or gym, align your fitness routines while respecting individual goals.

Planner Use: Schedule joint workout sessions and track each other's progress, celebrating milestones together.

6. Solo Time: Balance in Togetherness

Experience: Plan occasional solo trips or engage in separate hobby classes. It's important to nurture individual interests too.

Planner Use: Coordinate your solo activities and ensure they complement your couple's plans.

7. Explore Retreats & Detox Together

Experience: Research retreats focusing on Ayurveda, meditation, detox or naturopathy, like Manthena in Vijaywada, to experience the essence of slow living .

Planner Use: Plan your retreats, including travel and accommodation details, and post-retreat activities to incorporate learned practices.

8. Craft a Morning Routine Together

Experience: Start your day with a routine that energizes both, whether it’s a morning walk, meditation, or a healthy breakfast.

Planner Use: Schedule and tweak your morning routines in the planner, ensuring it aligns with both your preferences.

9. Healthy Home-Cooked Meals Around Work Schedules

Experience: Cook and enjoy meals together that fit around your work schedules, focusing on healthy and diverse cuisines.

Planner Use: Organize your cooking schedule, with allocated days for meal prep and experimenting with new recipes.

10. Try Yoga Retreats

Experience: Join a yoga retreat, like those in Mysore, known for their authentic approach to wellness and yoga.

Planner Use: Plan the retreat, from enrollment to travel, and use the planner to integrate learnings into daily life.

Additional Resources:

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  • Huberman Lab Podcast: Explores the science of how our brain and its connections with the organs of our body control our perceptions, behaviors, and health.

  • Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris: Discusses happiness from a practical perspective, featuring mindfulness experts and meditation teachers.


Embrace these unique wellness ideas with the Couple's Planner and make 2024 a year of health, love, and unforgettable experiences.



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